What about yoga?

By Rich Jackson

Yoga is becoming more popular among all age groups, and this popularity is accompanied by a number of positive health claims. An article released today inΒ Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews summarizes a number of studies and comes to very positive conclusions about the benefits of yoga for people with diabetes, including improvements in A1C. While suggestive, these studies are few in number, small, and not as rigorous as they should be. Still, it’s really unlikely that yoga could have any negative effects on your diabetes, and it is a good way to stretch your muscles, ease your mind, and do something positive for yourself and your body. Remember you can tell yourself if your A1C and blood pressure are improving, and whether you are feeling more or less stressed than before. If you feel that it’s working for you, keep at it. If you’re just interested, give it a try!

See abstract of articleΒ here.

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