What would a Paleo-diet really be like?

By Rich Jackson

Our fascination with diets knows no end, and some of the funniest recent diet crazes, to me, are the Paleo-diets. First, there is the assumption that there is “a” Paleo-diet. As this study released today inΒ Nature shows, hominids (human ancestors) from different regions ate widely varying diets. Some ate mostly meats, some were almost pure vegetarians. But the meats that they ate, such as wooly rhinoceros and mouflon sheep are not certainly not available today. These paleo-meats were quite different from today’s market meats; much tougher to eat, and with almost no fat. And the vegetarian choices? Try finding moss, tree bark, and ancient pine nuts in today’s market. Alhtough you can’t eat a Paleo-diet, you can take some healthy ideas from our ancestors. Eat lean meats (and not much processed meat), vegetables containing a lot of fiber, and get plenty of exercise foraging for the tastiest tree bark and avoiding wooly rhinoceroses.

See summary here. Be sure to check out the audio snippet in the grey box. The authors describe their thoughts on a Paleo-diet, and offer evidence that pre-humans kissed Neanderthals. No wonder our genes are merged.

See abstract of full article here.

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